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Meet the MonoLITH™ Battery System


The First Customizable, Turn-key Lithium-Ion Battery Pack.

Introducing the patented MonoLith™ Battery System from CIE Solutions: a lithium-ion battery pack that redefines versatility and efficiency in both motive and stationary applications. Developed with a focus on scalability, the MonoLith™ stands out with its revolutionary flat-pack design, seamlessly integrating into a wide range of design envelopes. Its liquid-cooled architecture, coupled with sophisticated internal logic controls, ensures optimal performance and longevity under varying operational demands.

What sets the MonoLith™ apart is its exceptional readiness for deployment.  After consulting with your team, the first pack will be designed and built in 8-12 weeks with subsequent packs available in less than 2 weeks!  This patented lithium ion battery design is the first of its kind, incorporating years of lithium ion battery integration experience with the highest quality components to create a plug-and-play pack that is disrupting the energy storage industry.  Our mission is to accelerate the electric adoption across all sectors and the MonoLith™ Battery System is designed to do exactly that with fast full-pack availability on the market!

Embrace the power of agility and reliability with the MonoLith™ Battery System, where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched practicality.



The MonoLith™ Battery System from CIE-Solutions is designed for versatility to accommodate the wide variety of applications in the energy storage space. The system has a low-profile, fixed height but a completely configurable length and width. This allows the system to conform to a design's tight tolerances, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

At the core of the MonoLith's™ adaptability is its CAN (Controller Area Network) configurable Battery Management System (BMS). This advanced BMS can be tailored to seamlessly integrate with any Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) or system messaging architecture, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your existing systems and protocols. This level of customization extends the MonoLith's™ compatibility and makes it a universally adaptable power solution for various technological ecosystems.

The MonoLith™ Battery System also offers completely customizable mounting solutions. This flexibility in mounting options not only facilitates easy integration into different frameworks but also ensures that the battery system can be securely and efficiently installed in virtually any space.  External T-Slots on the sidewalls of the pack allow it to be easily tied into the vehicle chassis with custom brackets or mounting plates. Some examples are shown below but the available mounting options are not limited to the examples presented.   Our team can help you design brackets if requested. 

With its combination of scalable dimensions, a configurable BMS, and customizable mounting options, the MonoLith™ Battery System stands as a pinnacle of versatility, ready to meet the specific needs and challenges of any design  while maintaining the highest standards of performance and efficiency.


System Specifications


Length (min/max)

Width (min/max)



856 mm - 1996 mm

512 mm - 2000 mm

170 mm

Voltage Range

Min System Voltage

Max System Voltage

Configurable Capacity

Min System Capacity

Max System Capacity


IP Rating





Pressure Valve

Moisture Detection

Onboard Pre-Charge


CANbus 2.0

Liquid (Low Conductivity)

Cell/Pack Level Fusing





Current Ratings

Energy Pack 

  Charge - Cont.

  Discharge - Cont.


Power Pack

  Charge - Cont.

  Discharge - Cont.

35 Vdc

1150 Vdc

10 kWh

105 kWh







High Performance

The MonoLith Battery System sets a new standard in high-performance energy storage with its state-of-the-art features and rugged design. Available in two distinct configurations to cater to diverse needs: the Energy Pack, designed for sustained energy output with a 2 C-rate continuous discharge, and the Power Pack, crafted for high-current applications with an impressive continuous 11 C-rate of discharge!

At the heart of the MonoLith lies its advanced liquid cooling system, which plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal operating temperatures, even under extreme conditions. This ensures not only enhanced efficiency and longer lifespan of the battery cells but also contributes to consistent performance.

The structural integrity of the MonoLith is another highlight. Constructed with high-strength aluminum, it boasts a rigid skeletal design. This robust architecture not only safeguards the internal components from physical stresses but is designed to be used as a structural component in  your system design.

Every aspect of the MonoLith Battery System reflects CIE's commitment to high performance and durability, making it an ideal choice for applications where rapid deployment, energy efficiency, power output, and structural resilience are paramount.

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