What Are Lithium Batteries And How Do They Work?

Updated: May 6

Answer honestly, have you ever wondered what a lithium battery is? Well, a lithium battery is a universal power type cell. Most often, they are employed in smartphones, flashlights, portable equipment, special tools, and uninterruptible power supplies. But that's hardly part of the spectrum. Li-ion batteries offer autonomous power for warehouse and cleaning equipment, electric cars, golf carts, wheelchairs, gyro scooters, scooters, and numerous similar products. So, the next question is how do lithium batteries work?

The principle of the operation of rechargeable Li-Batteries is to provide the necessary conditions for the movement of lithium ions betwixt the cathode and the anode. We will get to the bottom of the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing lithium batteries.

Advantages Of Lithium Batteries

Advantages of Lithium Batteries

First of all, we would like to begin positively and talk more about the advantages of lithium batteries:

  • We would like to highlight that Li-Batteries are long-lasting. One battery has a record cycle count of up to 5,000. Therefore, these types of batteries could work up to 3 times longer than conventional batteries.

  • It's also true that these batteries are designed to be low-maintenance, which means you never have to service them again.

  • But what distinguishes them from conventional batteries is that Li-ion batteries may be recharged. And the essential thing is that they can be charged with high amperage. Therefore, they can be quickly recharged, which will save you time.

  • They are harmless and safe. The advantage of lithium batteries is that they are completely sealed and have no toxic emissions under any mode of operation or charge.

  • Suppose you used a Lithium-ion battery for a go-cart or an EV, for example. In that case, the battery can be charged directly in the production facility from the mains without removing the battery for charging.

  • If you think we have finished listing all the advantages of lithium batteries, you are wrong. Lithium batteries can be used in a wide temperature range from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius.

  • There is zero power dip in lithium batteries, which implies that even if the battery is not fully charged, it will deliver the same energy as when fully charged.

  • Also, you don't need to do any so-called "training" after you've purchased lithium batteries; that is, you don't have to fully charge and then fully discharge the lithium batteries after purchase.

  • There is no "memory effect", so you have the option of a regular, small recharge.

  • Lithium batteries are quite lightweight. Even if we are talking about a phone or car battery, the weight of these batteries is a great advantage because no additional load is placed on the equipment.

  • In addition to all the advantages we have mentioned, these batteries age only slightly without regular use - up to 20% per year.

  • And let's highlight perhaps the last benefit of lithium batteries. They are available in different shapes and sizes. That is why lithium batteries can be used in both a small flashlight and a large electric car.

Disadvantages Of Lithium Batteries

Disadvantages Of Lithium Batteries

Despite a large number of advantages, lithium batteries also have disadvantages. Compared to the positives, there are significantly fewer downsides, but still, they are important to note:

  • Probably the first drawback is the high cost of lithium batteries. Despite how well lithium batteries are made, the used materials are far from cheap, and therefore, the price of the battery increases. But the price corresponds to the quality.

  • Low resistance to overcharge and full charge. For this reason, new smart lithium batteries are trying to equip built-in automatic shutdown systems as soon as they are fully charged (as in smartphones, your phone can charge even for 2 days - nothing bad happens because the charger turns off the power).

  • Even though the range of operating temperatures is quite high, from -40 to +50, some people complain that there is a deterioration in performance at high temperatures and reduced capacity when using it in the cold.

  • Another disadvantage associated with temperature conditions is there is a slight difficulty in charging the battery at subzero temperatures.

  • Quite a serious disadvantage which is not only in lithium batteries but also in any other batteries is the explosion hazard. If the battery housing is damaged or punctured or any other breach of tightness, there is a risk of a small explosion. Therefore, under any circumstances, do not try to bend or puncture the battery - this can lead to severe consequences.

  • Sometimes there are problems with transporting lithium batteries. For many people, this can be a disadvantage. For example, following most airline rules, passengers can only carry lithium batteries in their carry-on baggage. Conditions may change from time to time, but the number of batteries allowed to be carried is always limited. For the same reason, a large shipment of lithium batteries cannot be shipped at once. But it seems to us that sooner or later this problem will be solved.

  • Let's highlight the last point. Lithium battery development has been on the market for many years, but it is still not a perfect technology. This industry belongs to the emerging field of investment and development. On the one hand, this is a disadvantage, but on the other hand, new lithium batteries are constantly being developed. This can also be an advantage, as better solutions are being developed all the time.

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Should I choose a lithium battery or a conventional battery?

Lithium batteries have several advantages over conventional batteries, so we recommend choosing a lithium battery.

How safe are lithium batteries?

Like all batteries, they are only dangerous if punctured or tampered with. Therefore, we do not recommend trying to disassemble them.

How do I charge a lithium battery?

It's very easy. First, you need to attach the battery to a charger and then connect the charger to the mains.