How To Extend Lithium Battery Life?

To achieve the best performance and long life of a battery, you should keep an energy carrier in a shaded place, prevent over-discharging, avoid battery damage, and keep it away from humidity. So, the use of lithium batteries should be responsible and it sometimes needs special care and conditions. Unfortunately, batteries tend to age and that is an irreversible process that can only be delayed by following some lithium battery life tips.

Each of us uses at least 3 gadgets on an everyday basis. As we consume food to get energy for life, our devices do the same but with the help of batteries. But like all devices around the globe, batteries have an expiration date. It’s defined, first of all, by the charge-discharge cycles and then by conditions of use and other factors.

A Li-ion battery is a kind of electrical accumulator that is certainly the future of the world. They are used in industrial and military applications. For example, the lithium-ion battery can be used for electric vans, buses, sports cars, and even in industrial impact wrenches and mining utility vehicles. And if Li-ion batteries can even be used in robotics, we can't even talk about such simple things as phones, laptops, etc.

Tips For Extending The Lifetime Of Lithium Batteries

Tips For Extending The Lifetime Of Lithium Batteries

Firstly, it’s very important to remember that some pieces of advice on proper care of your batteries can be handy in any unexpected moment. As an example, your battery is about to be out of service, but you don’t have enough money to buy a new one. And suddenly, you recall that you could have prolonged the lithium battery life, but you skipped that article about the correct maintenance of lithium batteries. So, to help you not face these problems in the future, here are some extra useful and simple tips on how to extend lithium battery life:

Tip 1: Keep The Batteries In A Cool And Shaded Area

There are two important rules concerning temperature conditions. They are connected with hot and cold weather. This is simple: your battery has to be in a cool shaded place when it's too hot. And vice versa, when it’s cold, your battery needs to be warmed up a little bit to give the best performance. It’s also recommended to cool down your device after working with it. It helps to prevent overheating of a gadget and saves the battery’s life.

Tip 2: Keep The Batteries Away From Humidity

In order to extend rechargeable battery life, you need to keep it away from humidity. Modern batteries are designed in such a way that all the components are isolated, but extra safety precautions will not be excessive. You need to store the batteries away from cups of tea, opened bottles of water, sinks, or other places like that. And of course, when it’s raining outside, don’t let the battery be near the wet surfaces. If you suddenly get a battery wet, you have to take a napkin and wipe up all the liquid. After that, you need to examine the battery and check it for any issues. If it’s okay, you should put it in a dry, sunny place and wait until it’s dry. Then you can install a battery in your device and continue using your gadget.

Tip 3: Prevent Over-discharging

Here is the question - “How to make rechargeable batteries last longer in any other way?”. The answer is simple – by preventing over-discharging. If you want to use your battery for a long time, you need to control its state of charge. There are two cases:

  • When you use your device, it’s important to charge it fully and recharge it again when it’s 20-25% of its battery state.

  • When you don’t use your device, it’s important to keep it at half charge. If you did not use your device for a week, as an example, you need to charge it to half.

Tip 4: Avoid Battery Damage

That is the main rule in maintaining lithium batteries. Under no circumstances should a battery be damaged by any kind of activity. You can’t pierce or throw it; that can lead to swelling of a battery and even cause a fire. That can be dangerous for your life and property. If you see your battery swollen, you need to get your device to the service center.

You should not:

  • Put your damaged battery into a pocket or a bag. It can lead to fire because of chemical reactions which can occur in a battery.

  • Put it near a hot object or hot surface. It will definitely lead to a fire.

Why Should You Choose Lithium Batteries By CIE-Solutions

Why Should You Choose Lithium Batteries By CIE-Solutions

The batteries of our company are made by professionals using the best modern technologies. Our clients receive all the necessary assistance from the first stage of discussing the prototype to the implementation of the project. In addition, we also provide help and support after the sale of your product.

The company offers a wide range of solutions according to your needs. We can:

  • create unique designs and improve existing lithium batteries;

  • test all batteries in order to achieve the best device performance results;

  • maintain close communication with clients and also answer all necessary questions;

  • consult you on how to maintain lithium-ion batteries concerning the beginning of their use and cases connected with problems of exploitation;

  • and offer the best price solutions for each of you.

You can contact the company right now and place an order for the lithium battery you need.



What do I need to do if my battery doesn’t work?

If you are sure of it, you have to find the recycling point in your city. Then you need to go there and get rid of it.

What do I need to do if I am touching my battery and it’s too hot?

Firstly, you have to cool it down by putting the battery in a cold place. After that, you can launch some tests and act according to the situation. If the battery is still hot, you can call us for help.

How do I know that my battery is about to be out of service but it’s not swollen?

You can do it for free if you have a multimeter at home and check the battery’s capacity, or come to our company and ask for diagnostics.