Choosing Custom Lithium Batteries: Tips

As an everyday user of a phone, laptop, or another rechargeable device, you can face the problem of killing the battery pretty fast. The same can be said about more demanding systems. If you want to get maximum performance from a battery, you should opt for custom lithium-ion batteries. This specific type of energy carrier can be modified and upgraded by a professional. Here are some reasons for choosing a lithium battery as the power source for your application.

Your Application Demands Appropriate Performance

Let’s take a look at a simple example for those who love electric motorcycles. A typical electric motorcycle costing $ 5,700 has a 3000 Wh battery capacity and requires up to 8 hours to get recharged. A 7.6 kWh battery pack from CIE-Solutions has a 7600 Wh battery capacity and takes only 3.5 hours to fully charge, almost 50% less time than the first option.

But in addition, it contains modern details, a great cooling bath, an awesome futuristic look, and it’s made with injection molding technology in order to save the customer money.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best performance result from your tool, a custom made lithium battery is the perfect choice for you.

You Have Enough Budget

The first thing every buyer pays attention to is the price. Hopefully, custom lithium batteries or battery packs are less expensive than ready-made production and will cost you the same or even lower price. The complexity of the work, individual approach, and delivery time can influence the value. But the crucial factor is the performance of the tool. If you pick a custom battery, you definitely get the best results for your personal needs for the most affordable price.

When you decide how much money you can spend, your next move is to find a reliable supplier.

Why Should You Choose Custom Lithium Batteries Manufacturer CIE-Solutions As Your Provider?

Here are some reasons why we recommend that you choose CIE-Solutions as your partner:

  • Extensive working experience and modern technologies. The company has worked with battery systems for over 30 years and has key customers like NASA, Nissan, the Air Force of the U.S., etc.

  • Individual approach. Every customer gets attentively listened to and supported by the company within all the working time on a project.

  • The wide spectrum of batteries. Looking through the website, you can get acquainted with projects and see the products the company makes. The company's main advantage is designing, building, or customising unique decisions for customers’ needs. Use the contact button to get the best offers on custom-made lithium-ion battery packs.



Is it safe to use lithium-ion batteries?

This type of battery does not differ from others and can be dangerous if damaged.

What is the advantage of using a lithium-ion battery?

Li-ion batteries can be recharged up to a thousand times; they can store more energy and are more stable.

How to choose the lithium-ion battery?

You should pick with the help of professionals. You can consult the battery provider and ask all the important questions.