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At CIE-Solutions we understand that 2020 has been a challenging year that halted innovation in multiple industries due to the lack of funds. During this difficult time we researched the battery industry to gain a better understanding of how we could serve our customers and community. We found that there was a lack of affordable 18650 wire bonded batteries. Most Lithium Battery customers are purchasing costly Chinese or used cells as premium quality have a premium price tag.

Meet Lithium Block. This configurable battery can fit any space and budget. Each cell is brand new and tested for quality control prior to being integrated into the Glass Filled ABS casing. Parallel connections are made at the cell level to provide unlimited series connections and configurations. 

If you need a Lithium Battery that is suitable to all Industries and budgets, call us today! Our professional sales team will be happy to serve you in providing top quality products to your customers. 

EVolve Electrics

Proud Distributor of the Lithium Block

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Unit 2

Longmont, CO 80501

Number: (720) 837 7866

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The Lithium Block was designed with your customer in mind. This battery is bound to solve every customer's time-crunch, limited space, expensive project problem with ease! Call us today for a quote! 

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